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  • according to Hottinger (2006):

STRUCTURE - of foraminiferal shells: a three-dimensional design that defines the morphology of chamber cavities as patterns that are repeated in successive chambers or chamberlet cycles.

Remarks: It is recommended that the term "structure" be employed in a very precise and somewhat restricted way, i.e. that it not be used to denote patterns unrelated to the shaping of chamber lumina, the wall "textures". The term "architecture" should be regarded as having a broader connotation, the combination of textural and structural design with chamber shape and arrangement in the entire test. "Architecture" means the complete set of complex but highly diagnostic characters defining the taxa on the generic level.

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Hottinger (2006), Illustrated glossary of terms used in foraminiferal research. Carnets de Géologie, Memoir 2, ISSN 1634-0744

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