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SCOR/IGBP Working Group 138

Gallery of foraminifera

As part of the ongoing taxonomic revision a gallery of living planktic foraminifera has been set up hosted by the MARUM (Bremen).

Videos of foraminifera

Videos of foraminifera from around the internet as part of, or independent from, SCOR WG138:

A Foram's tale - Members of SCOR WG138 discuss the use and importance of foraminifera. Video produced by Science Media NL.

"How do scientist reconstruct past climate conditions on Earth? One way of doing this is by culturing living planktonic Foraminifera and analyzing their shell composition under present day conditions in the world Oceans. For over 30 years scientist are researching these tiny planktonic creatures to unlock living conditions that lies hidden within their shells. With these insights it's possible to create a suit of tools to analyze the same Foraminifera shells recovered from past times and use them to reconstruct climate and Ocean conditions over million of years."

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A Foram's tale - Culturing process - Members of the foraminiferal community discuss the culturing process. Video produced by Science Media NL.

Gamete release - A video uploaded on Youtube by Jenn Fehrenbacher.

"This is a planktic foraminifer called Neogloboquadrina dutertrei releasing gametes while in culture. We captured this video during our summer culture season on Catalina Island in 2013. This particular specimen had a very explosive gamete release! The shell above is approximately 300 microns in length (longest dimension). For comparison, the average human hair is 100 microns in diameter."