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The Foraminifera and Nannofossil Groups joint Spring Meeting 2008

Thursday 15th - Saturday 17th May, 2008

University of Tübingen, Germany


This meeting will continue the tradition of promoting contact and exchange of ideas between workers in their respective groups, and of encouraging cross-links between the disciplines and the expertise from the host institution. For the 2008 meeting we will focus on the theme of "Bioindicators" which have become increasingly important during the past years as micropalaeontologists are increasingly using a range of geochemical and biological tools to interpret the past and monitor the present environments. We encourage contributions across disciplines on applications in ecology, stratigraphy and palaeoceanography from the Recent and the geological record. This broad theme of the meeting is not meant to discourage innovative contributions in any field of nannofossil and foraminiferal micropalaeontology.

The meeting will be followed by an excursion to the Jurassic of the Swabian Alb on Saturday 17th May 2088. The field trip will be lead by Dr. Michael Maisch from Tübingen and cover spectacular fossil hunting localities as well as opportunities to collect micropalaeontological samples!

Both oral presentations and posters are welcome. The meeting will include poster sessions as well as viewing of posters during coffee breaks. Additional information about the meeting (registration, abstract submission, deadlines, schedule etc.) and field trip is available at

With best regards,

Kate Darling, Kalle Baumann, Daniela Schmidt, and Tom Dunkley-Jones (Chairs & Secretaries, TMS Foram. Group, TMS Nanno. Group) Michal Kucera, Petra Heinz, Ralf Aurahs, Gabi Trommer, Michael Siccha, Lea Numberger & Anne Schulze (organising committee in Tübingen)

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