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Fig. 1. Embryonic and periembryonic chambers in Orbitoides spp. according to Van Hinte's 1966 concept. I: protoconch; II: deuteroconch; PAC: principal auxiliary chamber; PEC: principal epi-auxiliary chamber; AEC: accessory epi-auxiliary chamber. In our view, we prefer to call PAC an auxiliary and AEC an adauxiliary chamber; (Hottinger, 2006; fig. 4 [1] CC/BY-NC-SA)
Fig. 2. Development of chamberlet cycles from an auxiliary chamber in an early orbitoid, the Campanian Lepidorbitoides minima H. Douvillé from Mexico, after Aguilar et alii, 2002. A: stereograph of a megalospheric embryo consisting of a biconch (protoconch and deuteroconch) supplemented by a third chamber (auxiliary chamber) with a median and two lateral stolons. Successive growth stages coloured alternately in red and blue. Lamellation omitted. Schematic, not to scale. A: auxiliary chamber; D: deuteroconch; P: protoconch;  ; lst: lateral stolon; mst: median stolon; (Hottinger, 2006; fig. 36a [2] CC/BY-NC-SA)


  • according to Hottinger (2006):

AUXILIARY CHAMBER - (= auxiliary chamberlet); a chamber or a chamberlet fed by a stolon positioned in the suture between protoconch and deuteroconch in orbitoidiform foraminifers. May be double in embryos with a bilateral symmetry or multiple, when the protoconch and the deuteroconch have additional equatorial stolons. Together with the adauxiliary chamberlets, they form a corona.

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