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Fig. 1. Astral lobes: Original figure from Davies, 1932, p. 414. AF: astral furrow (= foliar suture); AL (coloured): astral lobes (= folia): MB: marginal band (= keel); MF: marginal furrow (= septal suture); OC: outer chambers; P: pylome (= aperture); RF: radial furrows (= chamber sutures);(Hottinger, 2006; fig. 13 [1] CC/BY-NC-SA)

ASTRAL LOBE - see folium.

Remarks: Carpenter et al. (1862), Brady (1884) and in particular Davies (1932) in his basic monograph on Rotalia trochidiformis used the term astral lobe to designate what is currently called a folium. In spite of their similar ventral-adumbilical position astral lobes must be distinguished from stellar chamberlets (as in Amphisteginidae) that are separated from their corresponding main chamber by a complete wall. However, functional similarities may not be excluded.


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