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Taxonomy and Gallery

There are approximately ~50 extant Planktic foraminifera that can be identified via their morphology, this number however does not include the cryptic diversity. Outlined below are the names of all living species of planktonic foraminifera, including the author, original name and the repository where the type specimen is stored. Follow the links in the image column to a gallery of each individual species and the links in the species name to a taxonomic description. The list will be evolving as the work of the SCOR WG138 progresses, in the mean time there exists several alternative lists of living species planktic foraminifera including WoRMS, the World Foraminifera Database (part of WoRMS) and Marine Species Identification Portal.

SCOR WG138 currently also seeks to establish an internationally recognisable colour and symbol code for the most abundant species (Adobe Illustrator swatches can be sent on request).

Type Specimen

Type specimens are those specimens that represent the key features of a species and act as the standard reference for that species. This type specimen along with a published description (a 'type description') forms a key part of the process of designating a species under the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature, they can either be the original specimen used to devise the species by the author or in the case of loss, damage, or in some circumstances unsuitability of the original can be new specimens elected to serve that purpose. Type specimens are stored at either Universities, Public collections or Museums in order to allow researchers access to them in the event of taxonomic dispute, revision or identification of a new species.

Holotype is a single specimen described in the type description.

Lechtotype is a specimen selected from a number of specimens that were decribed in the type description.

Neotype is a specimen that replaces a holotype that was either lost, damaged or in some instances where no holotype was designated.

Image Species Author First published as Synonyms Type specimen Repository
1 Beella digitata (Brady, 1879) Globigerina digitata Lectotype London, BMNH 1958.8.18.3
2 Berggrenia pumilio (Parker, 1962) Globorotalia pumilio Holotype Washington, DC, USNM MO 638792
3 Candeina nitida d’Orbigny, 1839 Candeina nitida None designated? Paris, MNHN
4 Dentigloborotalia anfracta (Parker, 1967) Globorotalia anfracta Holotype Washington DC, USNM MO 643076
5 Gallitellia vivans (Cushman, 1934) Gümbelitria (?) vivans Holotype Washington, DC, USNM CC 21515
6 Globigerina bulloides d’Orbigny, 1826 Globigerina bulloides Lectotype Paris, MNHN, Nr. 12309
7 Globigerina falconensis Blow, 1959 Globigerina falconensis Holotype Washingtin, DC, USNM MO 625697
8 Globigerinella adamsi (Banner & Blow, 1959) Hastigerina (Bolliela) adamsi Holotype London, BMNH 1958.8.18.1
9 Globigerinella calida (Parker, 1962) Globigerina calida Holotype Washington DC, USNM MO 638685
10 Globigerinella siphonifera (d´Orbigny, 1839) Globigerina siphonifera G. aequilateralis Lectotype Paris, MNHN
11 Globigerinita glutinata (Egger, 1893) Globigerina glutinata None designated? ? Berlin
12 Globigerinita minuta (Natland, 1938) Globigerinoides minuta Holotype Washington, DC, USNM PP 22561
13 Globigerinita uvula (Ehrenberg, 1862) Pylodexia uvula G. bradyi None formally designated Berlin, Museum für Naturkunde
14 Globigerinoides conglobatus (Brady, 1879) Globigerina conglobata Lectotype London, BMNH 1959.4.13.7
15 Globigerinoides elongatus (d´Orbigny, 1826) Globigerina elongata Lectotype Paris, MNHN, number not given
16 Globigerinoides ruber (d’Orbigny, 1839) Globigerina rubra Lectotype Paris, MNHN, Nr. IV.12.14
17 Globigerinoides sacculifer (Brady, 1877) Globigerina sacculifera G. trilobus, G. quadrilobatus, G. immaturus Lectotype London, BMNH P.44033
18 Globoquadrina conglomerata (Schwager, 1866) Globigerina conglomerata Neotype London, BMNH P.44031
19 Globorotalia cavernula Bé, 1967 Globorotalia cavernula Holotype Washington DC, USNM MO 686929
20 Globorotalia crassaformis (Galloway & Wissler, 1927) Globigerina crassaformis Holotype New York, Columbia University paleontological collections nr. 19816
21 Globorotalia crassula Cushman & Stewart, 1930 Globorotalia crassula Holotype Washington, DC, USNM CC 12459
22 Globorotalia hirsuta (d’Orbigny, 1839) Rotalina hirsuta Neotype London, BMNH 1968.3.27.1
23 Globorotalia inflata (d’Orbigny, 1839) Globigerina inflata Neotype London, BMNH 1966.2.3.23
24 Globorotalia menardii (Parker, Jones & Brady, 1865 after d'Orbigny, 1826 nomen nudum) Rotalia menardii G. cultrata, G. fimbriata, G. flexuosa Lectotype supressed in favor of a Neotype Lectotype London, BMNH 1959.7.27.3 Neotype Washington,DC, USNM PAL245371
25 Globorotalia scitula (Brady, 1882) Pulvinulina scitula Globorotalia bermudezi Lectotype London, BMNH 1959.6.25.1
26 Globorotalia theyeri Fleisher, 1974 Globorotalia (Hirsutella) theyeri G. hirsuta eastropacia Holotype Washington, DC, USNM PAL 211460
27 Globorotalia truncatulinoides (d’Orbigny, 1839) Rotalina truncatulinoides Neotype London, BMNH 1968.3.27.2
28 Globorotalia tumida (Brady, 1877) Pulvinulina menardii var. tumida Lectotype London, BMNH P.44034
29 Globorotalia ungulata Bermúdez, 1961 Globorotalia ungulata Holotype Washington, DC, USNM MO 639053
30 Globorotaloides hexagonus (Natland, 1938) Globigerina hexagona Holotype Washington, DC, USNM PP 22560
31 Globorotaloides sp. ongoing taxonomic revision NA NA NA
32 Globoturborotalita rubescens (Hofker, 1956) Globigerina rubescens None designated Depository of original material UNKNOWN
33 Globoturborotalita tenella (Parker, 1958) Globigerinoides tenellus Holotype Washington, DC, USNM PR 6129
34 Hastigerina pelagica (d'Orbigny, 1839) Nonionina pelagica Neotype London, BMNH ZF.1562
35 Hastigerinella digitata (Rhumbler, 1911) Hastigerina digitata None designated? ? Berlin
36 Neogloboquadrina dutertrei (d’Orbigny, 1839) Globigerina dutertrei N. eggeri, N. subcretacea, partially P-D intergrade Lectotype Paris, MNHN, Nr. 84.IV.19.21
37 Neogloboquadrina incompta (Cifelli, 1961) Globigerina incompta N. pachyderma dextral or dextralis, partially P-D intergrade Holotype Washington, DC, USNM MO 628588
38 Neogloboquadrina pachyderma (Ehrenberg, 1862) Aristerospira pachyderma N. pachyderma sinistral or sinistralis Lectotype Berlin, Museum für Naturkunde, 313-271506, mica 1, blue ring
39 Orbulina universa d’Orbigny, 1839 Orbulina universa Lectotype Paris, MNHN, d'Orbigny collection nr. 252
40 Orcadia riedeli (Roegl & Bolli, 1973) Hastigerinella riedeli Holotype Basel, NHM, C-27164
41 Pulleniatina obliquiloculata (Parker & Jones, 1862) Pullenia sphaeroides var. obliquiloculata Lectotype London, BMNH ZF.3583
42 Sphaeroidinella dehiscens (Parker & Jones, 1865) Sphaeroidina bulloides var. dehiscens Lectotype London, BMNH ZF.3580
43 Tenuitella fleisheri Li, 1987 Tenuitella fleisheri T. compressa Holotype London, BMNH P52030
44 Tenuitella iota (Parker, 1962) Globigerinita iota Holotype Washington, DC, USNM MO 638893
45 Tenuitella parkerae (Brönnimann & Resig, 1971) Globorotalia parkerae Holotype Washington, DC, USNM PAL 219445
46 Turborotalita clarkei (Roegl & Bolli, 1973) Globigerina clarkei Holotype Basel, NHM, C-27174
47 Turborotalita humilis (Brady, 1884) Truncatulina humilis T. cristata Lectotype London, BMNH 1959.10.2.1
48 Turborotalita quinqueloba (Natland, 1938) Globigerina quinqueloba Holotype Washington DC, USNM PP 22559

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