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| style= "width: 100px; align: left"|[[Image:Planktic_pores1.jpg|100px|eFORAMS-Wiki]]
| style= "width: 100px; align: left"|[[Image:Planktic_pores1.jpg|100px|eFORAMS-Wiki]]
| style= "width: 420px; align: left"| <font size="5">'''[[WG138:Taxonomy|Taxonomy]]'''</font>
| style= "width: 420px; align: left"| <font size="5">'''[[WG138 Taxonomy|Taxonomy]]'''</font>
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Modern Planktonic Foraminifera

SCOR WG138 Modern Planktonic Foraminifera

SCOR/IGBP Working Group 138 "Modern planktonic foraminifera and ocean changes"

To learn about the aims of our work, have a look at this short clip: A Foram's Tale - VIDEO Documentary

eFORAMS-Wiki SCOR WG138 Introduction

Information on the aims and members of the SCOR working group who generate this resource

eFORAMS-Wiki Taxonomy

Descriptions of accepted extant species of planktonic foraminifera, their biology and ecology

E-book SCOR WG138 E-book

Current progress and outlines of chapters of a synthesis on modern planktonic foraminifera


Comprehensive annotated and searchable list of references on modern planktonic foraminifera

eForams-LINKS SCOR WG138 Standards

Recommendations for standardisation of methods, techniques and graphical resources related to modern planktonic foraminifera

eForams-LINKS Data resources

Data portal for information on species distribution, morphology, physiology etc.

WG138 Meetings SCOR WG138 Meetings

Information on working group meetings

FORAM-Events Links

Annotated links to other online resources on modern planktonic foraminifera