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7th Micropalaeontological Workshop

Góry Świętokrzyskie, Poland, September 28-30, 2009

MIKRO-2009 was organized by the INSTITUTE OF PALEOBIOLOGY Polish Academy of Sciences and The Grzybowski Foundation

Abstracts and Excursion Guide - GFSP vol. 15

D. Peryt and M.A. Kaminski (eds), 2009. Seventh Micropalaeontological Workshop, MIKRO-2009, Sw. Katarzyna, Poland September 28-30, 2009. Abstracts and Excursion Guide, Grzybowski Foundation Special Publication no. 15, ISBN 978-83-924869-7-8.

Coordinator and the contact person: Danuta Peryt - e-mail: <d.peryt(at)twarda.pan.pl>