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6th Polish Micropalaeontological Workshop "MIKRO-2007"

Gdańsk, June 18-20, 2007

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MIKRO2007 Gdansk157small.jpg

MIKRO-2007 First Circular

MIKRO-2007 Second Circular

File:Workshop MIKRO 2007 program.pdf

File:Mikro2007 Abstracts.ALL.pdf - NEW in PDF!

See: More photographs from MIKRO-2007

See: MIKRO-2005

The Baltic cliff (from [2])

Applications and correspondence were sent to:

Dr Jarmila Krzyminska

Polish Geological Institute,

Branch of Marine Geology

ul. Koscierska 5

80-328 Gdańsk, Poland

e-mail to: jarmila.krzyminska@pgi.gov.pl

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