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Fig. 1. Foraminiferal organic linings from (A-L) Middle Jurassic and (M-Y) Upper Cretaceous. All linings belong the Globothalamea class. This figure presents FOLs from (A-L) Pieniny Klippen Belt and (M-Y) Basque–Cantabrian Basin coming from time intervals separated by ca. 100 Ma apart. All organic linings show similar globular growth patterns, however, Jurassic FOLs are larger than Cretaceous ones. Source: under Licence CC-BY-NC-SA. (Godos K., Tyszka J., Radmacher W., Goleń J. (2021). CC/BY-NC-SA)


  • according to Tyszka et al. (2021):

FORAMINIFERAL ORGANIC LINING (FOL) - a residual organic remnant of foraminifera left after dissolution of its mineral test, usually following palynological extraction procedures.

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