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List of selected publications related to FOBIMO activities

  • Barras, C., Jorissen, F. J., Labrune, C., Andral, B., & Boissery, P. (2014). Live benthic foraminiferal faunas from the French Mediterranean Coast: Towards a new biotic index of environmental quality. Ecological Indicators, 36, 719-743. PDF
  • Bouchet, V.M.P., Alve, E., Rygg, B., Telford, R. (2012). Benthic foraminifera provide a promising tool for Ecological Quality assessment of marine waters. Ecological Indicators, 23, 66-75. [1]
  • Dolven, J.K., Alve, E., Rygg, B., Magnusson, J. (2013). Defining past ecological status and in situ reference conditions using benthic foraminifera: A case study from the Oslofjord, Norway. Ecological Indicators, 29, 219-233. [2]
  • Dijkstra, N., Junttila, J., Carroll, J., Husum, K., Hald, M., Elvebakk, G., & Godtliebsen, F. (2013). Baseline benthic foraminiferal assemblages and habitat conditions in a sub-Arctic region of increasing petroleum development. Marine environmental research, 92, 178-196.

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