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Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) 2657, 669–678. - PDF

2D and 3D Numerical Models of the Growth of Foraminiferal Shells

Paweł Łabaj^, Paweł Topa^, Jarosław Tyszka^^, and Witold Alda^

^Institute of Computer Sciences, AGH, al. Mickiewicza 30, 30-059 Cracow, Poland {topa, alda}@uci.agh.edu.pl ^^Institute of Geological Sciences (Cracow Research Centre), Polish Academy of Sciences, ul. Senacka 1, 31-002 Cracow, Poland ndtyszka@cyf-kr.edu.pl

Abstract. This paper focuses on modelling and visualisation of mineral shells of foraminifera (unicellular aquatic, mainly marine, organisms). Our recent model follows the moving reference approach of theoretical modelling of foraminiferal shells. This model introduces three important aspects of simulations, i.e. non-circular chamber shapes (in 2D), allometry of chambers and three dimensional simulation space. The resulted “theoretical shells” closely mimics morphology and variability of recent and fossil foraminifera. The model is presented as an applet at http://www.icsr.agh.edu.pl/foraminifera.

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