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SCOR/IGBP Working Group 138

Modern Planktic Foraminifera and Ocean Changes

The main goal of the Working Group 138 is to synthesize the existing knowledge of modern planktic foraminifera, to build on this knowledge for identifying priority research and to transfer expertise to the generation of young researchers.

  • Financial Sponsors: NSF, SCOR, IGBP
  • Date Approved: September 2010

A few hints for WG 138 members

  • How to create a new page?

The best method to create a new page in mediawiki is to establish a link to it. Such approach prevents from creating orphaned pages. In practice you have to create an internal link like this [[Page_2|My_next_page]]. When you save edited page you will see red link. Now just click on this link and follow the instructions.

If you want to protect contents of your pages you should locate them in "WG138" namespace. Every page that you want to create have to start with "WG138" and colon. For example: WG138:Testpage

Such pages are available only for people that are members of "WG138Wiki" group. You are assigned to this group by eForams superusers Jarosław Tyszka and Paweł Topa

  • Blog functionality

How to create your own blog?

Please, visit THIS BLOG


Site in progress

Site in progress