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Foraminifera from the coral-reef lagoons of two atolls are used to investigate the distribution and diversity of assemblages in the central Indian Ocean. Eight assemblages and 270 species of foraminifera are identified. Three assemblages are reefal and dominated by Amphistegina and Calcarina. Only one lagoon assemblage is present in both atolls, which is characterized by abundant Ammonia sp. 1 and smaller miliolid foraminifera. ...... The assemblages compare well with sedimentological characteristics, which is also reflected in their distributions. Species diversity in the Maldives appears to be higher than the western Indian Ocean region due to the stronger influence of central Indo-Pacific faunas. It is not however, as high as the central Indo-Pacific region, which may be due to lower habitat diversity.


Parker, J.H., Gischler, E., in press. Modern foraminiferal distribution and diversity in two atolls from the Maldives, Indian Ocean. Marine Micropaleontology, doi:10.1016/j.marmicro.2010.09.007