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  • according to Hottinger (2006):

PARIES PROXIMUS - an integrative term designating the proximal, septal chamber wall and the various extensions produced independently by the inner lamella at the bottom of the chamber or at its adaxial umbilical region, including also structures in the previous chamber such as umbilical cover plates.

Remarks: this term was introduced by Lévy et alii (1979, p. 68) in order to support the revision of discorbid foraminifera. It integrates the following terms currently in use: septal flap, proximal wall, foramenal plate, abaxial [cover plate] and umbilical plate. It is a partial equivalent of Hofker's(1951) toothplate. This term also is too broad to be helpful in distinguishing the various structures that are diagnostic for defining the genera in several families. HOFKER's idea (1956) was to place all ("tooth"-) plate-bearing taxa into a common group, the "foraminifera dentata". Despite this, the paper of LÉVY et alii (1979) is most important for it constitutes the basis of LOEBLICH and TAPPAN's conception of the Discorbidae (1987) in present-day systematics.

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