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Fig. 1. Papillae, beads and axial piles of lamellae. A: papilla and pores. Stereograph, schematic, not to scale; after Hottinger, 1977. B-C: Assilina madagascariensis (d'Orbigny) from Mauritius. Recent. Transverse section parallel to equatorial plane (B) and axial section (C) with minute papillae on the last whorl; transmitted light micrograph. D-F: Beading in Amphistegina papillosa Said. Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea; Recent. D: dorsal view of shell showing beading of septular and hemiseptular sutures. Incident light micrograph. E: axial section showing hemiseptular and septular support of beads; transmitted light micrograph. F: Epoxy resin cast of shell cavity showing spiral main chamber lumina in dorsal view, interrupted by the hemiseptula supporting the interseptal beads, SEM graph. a: aperture; bd: beads (septular and hemiseptular); ch: main (spiral) chamber lumen; egh: eggholders; hs: hemiseptulum; il: inner lamella; isc: intraseptal canal system; ml: median layer; ol: outer lamellae; orgl: organic lining of protoplast; p: pores; pap: papillae; pil: axial pile of lamellae; s: septum and septal suture; wsut: whorl suture; (Hottinger, 2006; fig. 73 [1] CC/BY-NC-SA)


  • according to Hottinger (2006):

BEAD - a small, rounded to hemispherical protuberance on the surface of lamellar shells, forming strings along septal, septular or hemiseptular sutures. Usually imperforate or poorly perforate. To be distinguished from papilla.

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Hottinger (1977), Foraminifères operculiniformes. Mémoires du Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris, (Série C, Sciences de la terre), t. XL, 159 p. + 66 pls.

Hottinger (2006), Illustrated glossary of terms used in foraminiferal research. Carnets de Géologie, Memoir 2, ISSN 1634-0744

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